Monday, February 13, 2006

Weather News

Matty sort of beat me to the punch on this one, but I still need to comment. I mean, could the coverage of the snowstorm (I refuse to allow the media to give names to snow) been any worse? It's as if the WFSB went out, found people off the street who had no experience broadcasting, and stuck cameras in their faces. Plus, there was Scot Haney.

Lets get one thing straight- we all knew it was snowing. If you looked out your window, it was a given you could tell it was snowing. So their inane coverage with reporters standing outside in the snow was useless. Most of us were waiting for the forecast, which only came once every ten minutes or so. At one point they chose to inform us of what had already happened with the snow. Thanks meteorologists for the clue that it was snowing a couple of hours ago. At least you couldn't possibly be wrong by predicting what's already happened.

There were some seriously unintentionally funny moments sprinkled in there. One of my favorites was when a female reporter dipped a measuring stick into the snow and it was too small to actually measure the inches on the ground. It merely sank. She looked up into the camera and told us that this was surely a sign it had snowed a lot.

Thanks, because I was thinking that was a sign the world was ending.

Then there was the reporter telling us how all the cars were going at a snail's pace. Nobody seemed to be traveling quickly, and that was probably a wise thing. Cue the small car that barrels through the snow at a high speed.

Of course, nothing was as ridiculous as Scot Haney shoveling the path in front of the studio. The guy may be a terrible reporter, but surely you have something better for him to do? Yes, we know, it's snowing dammit. Get him back in the studio, telling us when it might stop, or send him over to my place to shovel. Either would be fine.

Oh, and in the meantime, I insist that the meteorologist who is so pregnant she's nearly popping, not come into work during the biggest blizzard we've had in decades. Yes, it definitely shows that women who are pregnant are just as capable as the rest of us. But there is a line of safety that should be considered. Maybe you should have watched your own programming. You would have known it was snowing outside.

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JD said...

I'm still absolutely livid that Channel 3 preempted one of the best shows on TV, CBS Sunday Morning, in favor of their endlessly repetitive drivel. As for Scott Haney, he's their resident circus clown, and they apparently have to let him act up when they have lots of time to fill. Perhaps one day a snow plow will run amok at Constitution Plaza at just the right moment.