Friday, February 10, 2006


I've renewed my lease on my craptastic apartment. The cats were very vocal that we say where we are, and I decided it was just easier than moving. They are quite attached to that part of the rug they have destroyed. So I'm stuck for another year in renter hell.

Every year I renew my lease feels like another failure. People tell me that no matter what, I should be owning something. I just can't bring myself to raise that cash or do the work required to own something. It's much easier to walk into a rental office and pay my bill every month. But I know that I'm really just wasting money by being too lazy to do anything else.

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Papa Bill said...

Buy a condo or a co-op. Make sure there's a spa somewhere. Put as little down as possible. It won't cost much more than rent and you'll get laid a lot more. P.S. declaw the cats.