Friday, February 17, 2006


I've been wandering around this week, showing random people my hands. Sorry, I've just been excited about them. They look normal for once and I'm hoping they'll stay that way.

Oh please, please, please keep them looking normal.

Last night I found out something wonderful about myself. I was giving a presentation on sports or something (which was thrown together in an induced frenzy of caffeine and sweat) and I was asked a question that baffled me. Instead of looking foolish, I managed to answer the question by not answering the question at all. I've always suspected I have this superpower, but I just never had it manifest quite so well. I felt like a college professor, managing to keep the tone in my voice that I knew what the hell I was talking about, while simultaneously being terrified that my fraud would be discovered. Our Professor seemed pleased at my collegial ability to pretend to be much smarter than I am.

So it seems I'm off for a bit. To be more specific, I'm flying to Austin Texas tonight to visit family. My brother says he has a surprise waiting for me when I arrive. My only guess is quail hunting with Karl Rove. I'm excited. Catch all you CT people in about a week. In the immortal word of my good friend Bill:


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