Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Mad Shout Out

Have you seen Colin's blog lately? It's finally time to admit it, Colin has become better at me than blogging. Finally, the teacher has surpassed the student. My only issue is that I feel like those of us who brought you where you are today (Brie, Eric, Bill, etc...) should get a stipend for your Courant blog. After all, we did lay the groundwork. How's about spreading the wealth Colin?

Of course, I may just be mad because he never seems to be able to reply to my glowing emails, asking him a really smart question. Nothing, not even a quick "yes we shared something special, but it's over so go away, freak." I get tons of those emails a day, but none from Colin.

Oh well.


Colin said...

Who are you again?

Mattyd said...

Sometimes the best way to handle a stalker is to ignore him.

Mattyd said...

Although I also enjoy Colin's blog, you have to admit that he hasn't exactly embraced the blogosphere as a true blogger might. He does not link to any other blogs, and as far as I can tell, this is the first time he's posted on any blog that I've seen, and I'm still reading a lot of them.

He may claim that he can't link to othger blogs because it's the Courant's blog and he can't control the content of anyone who he links to, but that would just make him a corporate hack. Not a good sign if you're a blogger.

I still say that you're on top, though I like your blog the most when you are fumbling around the dating world, which doesn't appear to be happening as of late.