Thursday, April 06, 2006

Begun the Geek Wars Have (My 300th Post!)

Watching South Park last night, I knew there would be some backlash at their heavy criticism of Family Guy. People are staunch Family Guy supporters, and in my heart of hearts I knew that people could would get militant about it. But I had no idea that an all out civil war could break out.

Family Guy and South Park can both be loved on their own separate levels. Lets not break our strong ties over this one incident. There is no need to choose sides, nor is there a reason to continue burning down "enemy comic book shops."

Now I must jam my head in the sand so people don't assume I watch South Park or Family Guy.

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Jake Silver said...

I have really enjoyed South Park over the years, even though sometimes their humor is too juvenile ( a hamster in the intestines... people crapping out their mouths...) but I've never been able to do Family Guy at all.