Monday, March 27, 2006

V (Why I'm Not a Chef)

Last Saturday I tried making the "eggy in a basket" from the movie V for Vendetta. It seemed simple enough to me, fry some bread up and throw an egg over it. Apparently the thought hadn't occurred to me that eggs don't tend to cook on top of bread. Instead, the egg slid off the bread and crashed onto the pan. I ended up with scrambled eggs attached to toast, which wasn't all that bad.

My failed breakfast attempt made me realize how deeply embedded in my mind the movie has become. It's rare that a movie stays with me, but V for Vendetta has. Once again Wachowskis, you have me thinking about heavy philosophical and social issues.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

To make eggy in a basket you must cut a circular hole through the bed so the egg is INSIDE the bread. Use a round cup to cut the hole. That will work much better. Butter both sides of the bread first.

Mattyd said...

Funny that you didn't know to cut the hole in the toast...

I wondered about the movie now that the brothers have become the brother-sister combo.

That good, huh? Then why the stupid title?