Friday, March 24, 2006

Fun with Spam (Found Poem)

Rancher to operate foggy bay window,
Give the nonfat malpractice
To moral support.
Telling the
Avenge the brotherhood pompom
But frantically,
in inherent stink
baby boom loser or joyrider,
automobile mayo
was bungee jumping.
Confine the cutter:
delighted peach.
Body language
With outhouse of missing.
Rhino was approximate.
The conceptual migratory
of a four-leaf clover and
dally to equitable
Religiously geometrical
the sordid water is a
skyscraper per
smug sneeze: self-important
but a flea!
Cobweb and marmalade
of steel wool
rotate waxiness in
fanciful to

The certification of a peach
as a wristwatch:
still life resurgence.

Ahhh exercises in nothingness, how wonderful you are.

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