Tuesday, September 12, 2006

No Seriously, I Can't Stand It

Is President Bush serious? Maybe it's just me, or I'm not the political analyst I thought I was. But using his speech last night as a very brief tribute to 9/11 victims and then launching into an extended oration about why we need to continue fighting in Iraq is just wrong. It really sums up the way in which his administration takes emotional issues in the country and exploits the hell out of them. I think I've taken the turn from a slow burn to an intense anger.

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Papa Bill said...

The first politician that I can remember using an emotionally charged national tragedy for political purposes was Nixon using Kent State to justify continuing on in Viet Nam (which he did for 5 more years before moving on to more important matters like Watergate). Reagan, Bush Pere, and Bush Fils have continue this elegant presidential tradition.