Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Bar Mitzvah

When I was younger, I was somehow convinced I would die on the day of my Bar Mitzvah. I couldn't ever possibly see a life after it. So when the day came, and I was alive, I was surprised.

I've always had this sort of tenuous relationship with my faith. Judaism has been complicated for me, especially considering the way in which my parents made me attend Hebrew School, but only seemed to give lip service to it. Since Hebrew School ended I have scarcely stepped into a temple. I've read from the Torah, I showed support for my heritage, and respected my family. For the time, I was finished with Judaism.

Which is why I was surprised at my fervor over this website. The crazy Jewish conspiracies have always made me laugh. I'm just so surprised this type of propaganda survives today.

I mean, upon the day of my Bar Mitzvah, they took me into a secret room and outlined all of the secret plans for us to take over the world.

First Step: Constantly self-depricate ourselves every chance we get into the media, so that the rest of the world things we are weak.
Second Step: Piss off Mel Gibson.
Third Step: Don't you wish you knew Jew Watch...

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Nile said...

Good grief! Did you see how Colin links to you as "Superstar of Yesteryear," and that now the class is discussing you??

Seems very cannibalistic...

As for self-deprecation, did you hear about the two guys in California who, as a joke, started making HeBrew, the beer for Jews? Apparently, they're in their 10th year. Of course, they're Jewish, so it's funny, not offensive.