Saturday, September 09, 2006

The 9/11 Theme Store

I've been reading a lot about the controversy over the ABC movie depicting the "events" that led to 9/11 and I find them disheartening for many reasons. First, it seems to me that the events leading up to 9/11 were so dramatic that you don't need to make shit up. But for some reason the screenwriters felt they had to inject their own story in there to make the story more exciting and therefore completely devalue their film. The controversy swirling around the film currently is so great that there is no possibility it will have an emotional impact, except to make people angry towards ABC.

This whole thing reeks of a political ploy, and using 9/11 as a political device continues to enrage me. When the first two 9/11 movies came out, they were hailed as being incredibly non-political and accurate depictions. I agree with free speech, and the premise that everyone has a right to their opinion. But it's a little fishy to me that on the three months before a possible takeover of the senate by Democrats, a miniseries is coming out that is heavy political and suggests it could have been Clinton's fault.

Let's get one thing was the people's fault who flew the planes. Neither Bush nor Clinton planned or executed the attacks. We need to stop pointing fingers and use the day of 9/11 to remember the people who lost our lives and renew our commitment to America. There's nothing political about it.

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