Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Sigourney Street

I had no idea where Sigourney street derived its name until I began my new class on "Literary Losers" (actual title). Apparently Sigourney street is named after the famous Hartford poet Lydia Sigourney, who was equal to Poe and Hawthorne in her day. In honor of my class (and because I'm a total suckup) I have compiled some of her poems in a handy format. Check them out (Adobe Reader Required)

My thought on her is that there's a reason why she didn't become part of the canon. Her poems proselytize far too much. Check out "The Jews" to see what I mean.


Mattyd said...

Literary Losers? Where did you find such a class?

And how's the love life? I've been missing those angst-riddden posts!

Mattyd said...

Where have you gone, man?