Monday, July 03, 2006

Rowland Comeback Tour 2006

How does a man repent for his sins? Well, if you're John Rowland, you apparently take the whole "falling off was the best thing that happened to me." Yes, learning from your mistakes is always a good thing. But this line of defense suggests that Rowland was completely unaware that he only realized it when he was caught doing it.


Morally, this is a tough issue for me. We can be sorry for our actions and deeply be hurt by them but that does not change the fact that we performed them. A killer does not become any better because he is sorry for what he did. Rowland took the massive amount of trust we gave him and abused it massively. That kind of trust can never be earned back.

Does this not reek of an extremely disingenuous marketing ploy? Rowland repents, says he has learned his lesson a few hundred times and then releases a book on how to become a better person through a higher power. I feel a miniseries in the works.

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