Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Chirp, Chirp

I hate the total lack of cell phone etiquette that seems to have pervaded our world. Less than five years ago, many of us were complaining that people talked on their cell phones in public places. Many would loudly converse about all sorts of private things on their phones.

This behavior seems completely normal in comparison with the grating "chirp" feature that has invaded cell phone technology. Now, instead of just hearing one half of the conversation, we are privvy to both parts with an obnoxious, nail grinding sound preceding it. Often these conversations aren't "quick, it's an emergency" but rude and inappropriate words and phrases that I cringe at when I see children around. For some reason, the users of "chirp" also feel the need to turn up the volume of their headsets as loudly as possible.

This menace must be stopped. People no longer appreciate the concept of silence. Instead, even in settings that lend themselves to solutide and meditation, people feel the need to use chirp and bother others who are just trying to get some peace. If anything, cell phones have shown us how we don't really need to respect those around us.

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