Friday, July 14, 2006

The Medical Machine

Can there be any person that is braver than this teenager? He's gone through chemo once, dealt with the weakness and terrible pain it's caused, and decided that when the cancer came back he didn't want it again. Instead he wanted to go through the alternative medicine route, and if he died then he was ready for that. What an enlightened way to look at things.

Except, the government has chosen that even though his parents support his decision, he doesn't have the right to say what to do with his body. Many of us have had the opportunity to watch a loved on go through chemotherapy. There are many out there who know first hand just how painful and debilitating it is. This young man has the courage to stand up and say he doesn't want to do it again. Why can't the authorities respect his decision?

Instead they threaten to throw him into a Juvenile Detention Center. Is this not ridiculous? The kid is dying, spending what could possibly be his last few years alive and theywant to lock him up. That would truly make his wish come true.

The truth here is that the medical industry is a thriving behemoth that can't exist if people start refusing medical treatments. This issue brings up a major point-that the medical foundations in our country are now simply political organizations. They exist to protect their own assets anmd continue to sell us on medicines we don't necessarily need. It's all about the money in the medical industry today, and we are suffering the consequences. Denying a dying boy his own rights in order to prove a point and set an example is the lowest thing they could possibly do. Yet it appears they are doing just that.

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