Friday, August 19, 2005


I'm at the gym, aimlessly trying to do some bicep curls. It's pathetic, I can barely get the bar up and my face contorts and twists in ways I try to keep private. My cheeks are red, my eyes nearly dilated. I complete my set and fall limp on the bench. My brain has shut itself off, conceding that it's time for my body to work. I'm staring blankly at the mirror when I hear "Freaking democrats, they are the reason why I dont have my boat."Huh?As my mind has gone into standby mode, it takes a while to process what I've heard. Strange images come into my head, one of Al Franken standing on a boat dock waiting for someone to leave a boat unattended. My mind finally figured out what the guy was saying and I stood up, looking to see who had said it.There are several breeds of people at the gym. One person is the ultimate die hard muscle ripping fanatic. I, as you may have guessed, am not that type. There's the casual gym goer (myself), the sporadic gym people who show up every three or four months recommitted to making it this time, and the older folks who go to the gym because it gives them something to do. I looked up to see an entire posse of older people huddled around talking to one another. In the center was Jerry. Jerry is the leader of the older folks. He comes to the gym every day for about three hours and has about ten times the muscle tone that I have. I've speculated that he got so big merely because he comes to the gym when none of his gang is around and is forced to exercise. Usually he leans on gym equipment talking loudly. He likes the Red Sox and takes every opportunity to make fun of Yankee fans. I steer clear of this whole Red Sox/Yankees Connecticut timebomb by claiming to be a Mets fan. Who knows what I am? Jerry is boatless because of democrats.The rhetoric of politics in America has gotten silly. In order to be heard in a conversation, a person needs to say something so audacious that everyone will turn and pay attention. The bar keeps getting higher and scarier. Democrats and republicans are both responsible for this Orwellian situation, albeit I would suggest that Rush started it all. As a society we need to stop the madness. I'm not suggesting that free speech be outlawed, I just mean that we need to stop listening. People need to recognize that idiots like Rush are created because people respond to them. Turn off the tv or radio and make up your own mind.


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