Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Physical Education

I find Bruce Reed's remarks about Bush's health ( at Slate appalling for many reasons. The suggestion that a president's health has something to do with his effectiveness on the job is ridiculous. Also, wishing anyone else ill health, even if he is a particularly bad president, is in poor spirit. No matter how bad a person someone is, they dont deserve bad health. It's also important to note that President Bush seems to defy any statistics regarding his presidency. Despite the lowest poll numbers he's ever faced, the man seems invulnerable. Why is someone picking on the man's excellent physical health, when there are so many other things to find flaws with him?I am a bit of a health nut myself in that I try to regulate what I eat and exercise as much as possible. However, the oppressive heat this summer has made exercising outside nearly impossible during the day. Today I saw tons of people jogging at around noon and I was genuinely scared for them. The heat, which still lingers around 95, was startling at that time. Do people not realize that it's not a good idea to jog while your body is struggling to breathe? I'm just afraid that someone is going to pass out on the side of the road from heat stroke or something. Lately I've been getting my cardio in the less balmy gym, albeit it still gets really hot there sometimes.Please people, do not run in the middle of the day when the heat is above 90. It will not get your body into shape and you will end up doing more damage then good. If you must jog outside, jog in the early morning or at sunset. Sweating is good, but if you dont replace the fluids you sweat out, bad things will happen.I occasionally look over at Matt Drudge's yellow website The Drudge Report. Is this man an idiot or just a vile propagandist. What infuriates me is the way Drudge links to AP articles in very misleading ways. The latest one I saw Drudge's headline said "Dems Attack Bush For Working Out..." I clicked on the article. It was a press release from the democrats saying that Bush spoke about the importance of good physical health while cutting back programs regarding physical education. In no way did democrats attack Bush for working out. They were criticizing his mixed messages. Drudge consistently complains about the liberal media targetting conservatives and always talks about how he's a balanced news source. If this is true, he needs to stop misrepresenting other people's articles. Or, he just needs to go away all together. Happy vacation George. I know those 12 American deaths in Iraq wont interrupt your brush clearing. I'm a teacher and I criticize how many vacations the president takes. That's sad.

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